Self Esteem and Self confidence

What is Self esteem and Self confidence?

Self-esteem is the overall subjective evaluation and perception of one’s worth, value, and self-image. It reflects how individuals feel about themselves and their overall sense of self-worth. High self-esteem means having a positive self-image, believing in one’s abilities and qualities, and feeling confident in one’s worth as a person. It involves self-acceptance, self-respect, and a sense of inner value.

Self-confidence is the belief in one’s abilities, skills, and competence to accomplish tasks, achieve goals, and handle challenges. It is the belief that one has the necessary qualities, knowledge, and resources to succeed in specific areas or situations. Self-confidence is built upon past experiences, achievements, and a positive self-perception of one’s abilities

Ikigai emphasizes the importance of understanding and living in alignment with one’s core values and beliefs. By identifying and honoring your values, you can develop a strong sense of self and establish a foundation for self-esteem. When your actions and choices align with your values, it enhances your self-confidence and self-assurance.

Ikigai encourages individuals to discover and engage in activities that bring joy, fulfillment, and a sense of purpose. When you engage in activities that you are passionate about and that align with your interests and talents, it boosts your self-esteem by reaffirming your abilities and providing a sense of accomplishment. Pursuing meaningful endeavors also cultivates self-confidence as you develop expertise and competence in those areas.

Ikigai encourages continuous growth and improvement. By investing time and effort in developing skills and knowledge in areas related to your ikigai, you build competence and mastery. This process enhances self-confidence as you gain expertise, experience success, and develop a belief in your abilities to handle challenges and achieve goals.

It emphasizes self-acceptance and embracing your authentic self. By accepting and embracing who you are, including your strengths and weaknesses, you cultivate a positive self-image and self-esteem. Embracing authenticity allows you to develop self-confidence by being true to yourself and recognizing the value you bring to the world.


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